Bräustübl-Snacks carriage ride

50 min city tour including a Brauer Spezial-Jause. Offer valid for 8 people and upwards. 
Tour starts at the Augustiner Bräustübl in Salzburg/Mülln

Price: from € 225,00

VAT included.
excl. possible shipping costs

Salzburg’s most beloved brewery – the Augustiner Bräu Mülln – can be reached with our carriages in no time. This tour includes cultural and historical highlights in Salzburg.

One of the several charming halls, or even the garden area of the Augustiner Bräu Salzburg, can be the perfect retreat to get together with your guests, either before or after your event.

JAUSE is Austrian for a little break and a regional snack.


in the parking lot of the Augustiner Bräustübl in Salzburg/Mülln, where you can leave your car parked for free (costs are reimbursed)

Length of ride:
50 min carriage ride, Jause time as you wish; possible after 3 pm

Equipment and Clothing
please dress according to the weather.


8 – 10 people are possible in one carriage
if you are up to 5 people you can also do this ride with a small carriage

400.00 Euro for up to 10 people including a Brauer-Spezial-Jause (not including beverages) in the  Augustiner Bräu Salzburg.

For additional people we can offer you another big carriage for further 400.00 Euro or a small carriage (up to 4 people) for 225.00 Euro.

Please note:
The basic price of 400.00 Euro is for one carriage of 8 - 10 people including the Brauer-Spezial-Jause. Up to 10 people are allowed in one carriage. Up to 120 people can be accommodated. Please specify the number of people when you make your reservation with us.

For inquiry please use our booking form; this offer is bookable just from Monday to Friday after 3 pm.

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