Salzburger Nockerl carriage ride

50 min city tour and Salzburger Nockerl
2 people upwards
Salzburger Nockerl will be served at the end in a traditional Austrian restaurant.

Price: from € 212,00

VAT included.
excl. possible shipping costs

Our city tour is sweetened with Austrian specialities –Salzburger Nockerl.

This tour starts in an agreed upon location in the old city or your hotel, and goes on the same route as the  „Altstadt-Highlights“. Last but not least, Salzburger Nockerl is served at the Restaurant „S'Nockerl“ (Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse, Hotel Elefant).

Lenght of ride:
Please reserve an hour of your time. The actual ride is 50 minutes. 

On the right you find the next available dates for this carriage ride.
Couldn't find anything that's just right for you? No problem. Simply send us a message stating your preferred date and time.
On Monday and Tuesday the Restaurant is closed, so there are no Tours avaiable.

Basic price 212.00 Euro for 2 people, including ONE portion Salzburger Nockerl.

An additional fee of 12.00 Euro will be charged for a extra portion Salzburger Nockerl for 2 further carriage guest. Maximum of 5 people allowed.

Please note:
The basic price of 212.00 euro is for one carriage with 2 people, inclusive a portion Salzburger Nockerl. Up to 5 people are allowed in one carriage. In the event that your party consists of more than 2 people, then please let us know when making your reservation. Beverage is not includet in this offer.
On Monday and Tuesday the Restaurant is closed, so there are no Tours avaiable.

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Salzburger Nockerl carriage ride