First enjoy the city with the carriage and then go for a leisurely meal

What could be more comfortable than first being shown Salzburg's world cultural heritage in a carriage and then reviewing all the impressions over a delicious meal?

Together with our partner restaurants in Salzburg, we have put together delicious packages that are sure to have something for everyone to make the approximately 50-minute city tour unforgettable.

Of course, you don't have to go to the restaurant immediately after the carriage ride. Please let us know when you would like to stop in so that we can reserve a table for you.

All packages and prices are designed for 2 people as standard and can also be booked in combination with the company car for larger groups.


Andreas Hofer Weinstubn - the cozy wine bar since 1870
  The following offer awaits you in the Andi-Hofer-Stubn from Monday to Saturday from 6:00 p.m

- Weinstuben carriage ride: Here you can choose from a pork cordon bleu, cheese dumplings on salad (vegetarian) and an Obstler or spinach dumplings in ham cream sauce and an Obstler from EUR 255.00




Zwettler's Wirtshaus- in the Stubhainshaus since 1863
  We have 3 other great offers for you in the popular inn.

- Salzburger Nockerl carriage ride, Salzburg's most famous dessert, is available here after a great exploration tour through Salzburg from EUR 245.90

- Dumpling carriage ride is just right for dumpling lovers, you can choose from spinach dumplings (vegetarian), baked liver dumplings on sauerkraut   - by the way, Mozart's favorite dish -    or the delicious dumpling secret (Grammel, smoked bacon and fried dumplings with cider cabbage). EUR 254.00

- Tasty carriage ride here you can choose from 3 meat dishes: Viennese veal schnitzel, braised oxtail or onion roast with bacon beans and pasta from EUR 272.00.

- Sweet carriage ride: Our city tour is sweetened with traditional Austrian dessert specialities – Kaiserschmarrn with apple jam - from EUR 246.00.


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