We ship to the countries listed below via our partners the Austrian Post.

Shipping Costs
We ship via the Austrian Post. The shipping costs are calculated separately for each order. The shipping prices listed below are based on a shipping weight of 3kg.

Shipping within Austria
EUR 4,95

Shipping within Germany and to Switzerland
EUR 4,95

Should a delivery not be accepted due to misinformation regarding the shipping address, or likewise, the Augustiner Bräu may bill additional shipping to the customer where and when deemed necessary.


Delivery Times
Orders are generally processed within 3 to 5 working days after payment has been received. After this point in time, any and all delivery times are of the sole responsibility of the Austrian Post or a similar shipping company. We therefore would like to inform our customers that we cannot guarantee any specific delivery times, since shipping times can vary depending on our shipping services. Under normal circumstances, delivery within Austria takes place within 1 to 3 working days. In the event that a delivery is delayed by circumstances we cannot control, then we are allowed to defer the delivery for the duration of the impediment and for an appropriate slow-down time thereafter. In the event that an order becomes permanently impossible to deliver after at least three months, then the Fiakerei Suess will refund the purchase in full. Fiakerei Suess is not held liable for delays in delivery and performance due to Force Majeure such as Acts of God and other unpredictable events, war, natural disasters, strikes or dire unavailability of essential raw materials, crop failure or the unusability of the raw product caused by harvest deterioration and delay of a supplier, or other incidents which make delivery impossible or unreasonably difficult. Fiakerei Suess will inform the customer as soon as possible in the event of any potential unforeseeable delays of delivery.

Delivery Amount
Fiakerei Suess can only deliver items which are able to be packaged and which weigh in at under 5kg. Partial and/or subsequent deliveries are possible and no additional charges for packaging or shipping will be billed to the customer.